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Broken Biscuits

When Glenda was a little girl, her Grandad would occasionally come home with a packet of broken biscuits from the Carrs biscuit factory. The factory would package up and sell the broken biscuits much cheaper than the whole ones rather than throw them away as waste.

We have taken the same approach with our stamps. When we make a sheet of stamps, we sometimes have one stamp fail, but the rest of the sheet is fine. The rubber compound we use is made up of natural materials and occasionally the rubber doesn't flow into the mould properly, or blows a bubble.

We scrutinise all our stamps carefully and discard anything less than perfect. Our version of broken biscuits is to connect up these orphans to make up a full set. Our broken biscuit stamps contain exactly the same stamps as a normal set, each individual stamp is perfect, the only difference is they come in pieces rather than as a single sheet.

So if you see a set with 'BROKEN BISCUITS' in the description, you know you are getting exactly the same high quality stamps, and you will have every stamp on the sheet, but in pieces rather than connected. We sell them at a discount too, so you save a little money and we save a little waste - it's a win-win!


(Oh, and I have it on strict authority from Glenda that the broken biscuits tasted just as good!)

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