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Downloads: Frequently Asked Questions

I clicked on the download link but nothing happened

You may not have a pdf file format reader. You will need Adobe Reader 8 or above. If you have an older version, or you do not have this program at all click here to download the latest version from Adobe. Please note this download is free - you should never pay for it and if you are asked for payment this is a scam

If you still cannot connect to a site via a link, we suggest you copy the link and paste it into your web browser address bar, or type it in.

I have a different version of Adobe Acrobat, should I install the latest version?

Yes we recommend that you do make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 or above. Older versions can cause problems with the printing, so even though it looks fine on screen, you may get gaps in the printing and this is caused by not having version 8. Adobe have an ongoing program of releasing updated versions of Acrobat Reader, so if you have a newer version, (Version 9 or above) then you should not need to install Version 8, as the newer version should be perfectly compatible and allow you to view and print the pages you have downloaded.

How do I install Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Click on this link to take you to the Adobe website page to start your download. Please make sure you have read all the instructions prior to downloading. If you are a Mac user you will need to click on the 'different language or operating system' link where you will be able to choose your particular settings.

How do I print right to the edge of the page?

This depends on your printer. The majority of printers leave a small margin around the edge of the page where the rollers hold onto the paper as it goes through the machine. However a lot of the newer ink jet printers now have the facility to print "borderless" where the image goes right out to the very edge. Check the manual that came with your printer to see if you have this feature and how to use it.

My printer doesn't do borderless printing, can I still print A4 pages?

Yes you can. When you click the print button, you should see an option that says "page scaling". This gives you the option to "shrink to printable area". Select this option and you will get the largest size that your printer is capable of.

How many copies can I print?

You can print as many copies of the downloaded files as you wish as long as you are using these as part of your own personal artwork , project etc. Please see our Licence terms of use for further information.

Can I make items to sell using the printable/digital downloads?

You can use the printouts to make artwork that you can then sell for yourself, your school or church for example, as long as the items you make are hand crafted using the downloads printed by yourself at home. Please see our Licence terms of use for further information.

I've printed my downloaded pages(s) and the colours look different to the colours on the screen. Why?

Computer monitors vary in the way that they render colours and different monitors will show the same images with slight variations in colour. Similarly, output colours will vary from printer to printer. To get the best results in matching your monitor to your printer's output, you will need to calibrate both your monitor and your printer's colour settings. This is not something that we can do for you, you will need to refer to the documentation and/or software that came with your computer and printer.

Can I print on transparency or vellum?

Yes, of course you can. You just need to make sure that you use acetate or vellum that is suitable for your printer. For inkjet printers, you need a special ink-jet transparency which has a slight coating on one side to make the ink dry. If you use the wrong kind, the inks just won't dry at all. Some vellums will not work in an inkjet printer, so always test it first.

Can I print the downloads on my black and white printer?

Yes you can. Some of the digital downloads are only available in black and white - digi stamps for instance- and they will print out fine. Coloured downloads will just come out in shades of grey; to get the best results for these you really need a colour printer.

What is the meaning of the terms jpeg, jpg, png, pdf etc?

These names are the file extension of the particular type of download - it tells you the type of software or program that is needed to open the document. Below is a description of the file types we use.

  • .jpeg or .jpg - Basically this is a format for a photograph or image (a graphic) that requires a graphics program to open it. There are many such software applications around including Photoshop and Paintshop Pro that allow you to manage your graphic images.
  • .pdf - This file format is the most common way of sending documents/graphics electronically. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print PDFs.
  • .png - Pronounced 'ping' this file format is a way of making sure that if any part of the image is transparent any coloured background underneath the PNG image will remain visible, eg if a PNG image of a piece of lace was placed over a photograph, parts of the photo would peep through the holes in the lace.
  • .abr - This is the file extension for Photoshop brushes. All our digital brushes, which are created in Photoshop, have this extension which means that you need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to use these brushes.

Can I change the size and colour of the digital downloads?

Providing you are using a graphics program such as Photoshop, Paintshop Pro etc you will be able to change the dimensions of the download, and adjust the colouration too. However you cannot just change the size and colour of any our downloads and then sell them on. Please see our Licence terms of use if you are unsure.

What are digital brushes?

Digital brushes are the computer version of a paint brush. These brushes comes in all sorts of shapes and designs e.g trees, borders, swirls, butterflies - the list is endless. When you use one of these brushes, as you click on your artwork, photograph etc it will 'brush' on that particular design. Usually brushes are created in blacks and greys, which is how they will appear on your page, but you can select from your colour palette to change from say black to blue. Our downloadable brushes have the file extension .abr which means they can be loaded, saved and used in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. If you are unsure about how to load them into you graphics program try clicking here for a very good tutorial.

Can I print my digital downloads and use them in my general crafting?

Some of the digital downloads can be printed out and used as part of your artwork projects - this is called hybrid art. Not all downloads will be suitable to print and they really are aimed more for digital art projects. However, once you have purchased your download(s) there is nothing to stop you printing these out to see if they will work with your existing craft stash. The possibilities could be endless.