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A Year of Stamping

51 Comments22 January 2015  |  Admin

I'm super excited to tell you about a new project club that we are running throughout the whole of 2015.  It's called A Year of Stamping with Chocolate Baroque and it is a way for us to expand on the work of the Design Team and bring you more in depth tutorials and know how.

Each month we are producing a magazine full of step by step projects from our Design Team, together with tutorials and tips and exclusive offers.  You get the magazine sent to you when you purchase that month's stamp which is a cling mounted rubber stamp available in two sizes (and as a money saving multi-buy).

To keep costs down this is an electronic magazine, not a printed one.  You will receive both a pdf file that you can print yourself and a link to an e-magazine that you can read online (great if you have an iPad).

The stamps are super detailed and an absolute delight to use.  Each one is a stand alone, self contained design, but you will find they coordinate beautifully with so many of our other stamps.

The super size stamp is 14cm square and the standard size is 8.5cm square and both come mounted on cling cushion, cut out ready to use.

Click here to see the current stamps.

We have a dedicated Facebook group for the project and members are encouraged to join in and share artwork made with the stamps. 

After you have purchased any of our Year of Stamping stamps, you will receive an invite to the Facebook group, but there is no obligation to join at all.   

January's stamp is a wintery tree scene, but inside this month's magazine, you will find two projects that show you how to add the illusion of leaves and give the stamp a whole new look. 

You will also find an introduction to inkpads to help beginners choose which brands to buy and from Miranda, a simple, but colourful background technique.

If you have ever looked at Chocolate Baroque stamps and thought they were maybe too sophisticated, then this could be just what you are looking for.  We will help you get inspired and get the most from your stamps and inkpads.

Over the course of the year, these magazines will build into a library of inspiration and reference.

And of course it wouldn't be a proper club without some exclusive member-only offers, so you will find a selection of money saving coupons in each issue.


So what do you need to do to be part of this exciting project?  Visit our Year of Stamping department where you will find the stamps that are currently available. 

There is no commitment and no subscription - you choose each month if you want to buy that month's stamp and if you do, you get the magazine with it.

I do hope you will join us - it promises to be an exciting year!


Margaret Iddon
22 January 2015  |  16:25

great idea Glenda and Lesley.Ordered the Multi buy. Waiting for the delivery and the inspiration and the FB page.

Deborah Smith
22 January 2015  |  16:44

What a great idea, I am off to order mine right now ;-). Just don't tell my husband lol

Eileen Young
22 January 2015  |  17:12

I was privileged to have a sneak peek at these and have been waiting patiently for them. My patience is now rewarded. Ordering now. Thanks for a great idea.

Erika N
22 January 2015  |  18:56

I like this idea a lot. Something fun to look forward too. Hope you don't stop your other stamps however!

Kathy Gevaux
22 January 2015  |  19:07

Great idea. We all need tips and techniques. Hope this goes really well. xx

Nannie Annie
22 January 2015  |  19:31

Like the look of these stamps. Just bought some dies so better wait until next week to buy these.

Mickie Sutcliffe
22 January 2015  |  19:52

Brilliant idea - looking forward to it. 2015 promises to be a good crafting year xx

22 January 2015  |  20:11

Thanks everyone, I've been planning this for ages, but thanks to a nasty cold at the start of the month, I'm a bit behind on getting the magazine completed so it will be sent on to you next week. Hope you enjoy it - this first one is running at 26 pages!

Debbie Van Waardenburg
22 January 2015  |  21:16

Oooh lovely idea, and finally the tax company paid the money they owed me, so I have some money to spare again!

Maria Nicklin
22 January 2015  |  22:50

Thanks Glenda, I'm liking this idea and have just popped the January stamp into my basket, it's a beautiful stamp and trees are so versatile. Looking forward to receiving the magazine

Barbara Ann Kelly
23 January 2015  |  8:11

This is brilliant, similar to being a Graphicus member, ideas and inspiration with vouchers thrown in. Going to order the stamps now. Thank you Glenda and Lesley.

24 January 2015  |  13:25

What a great idea I will be ordering mine this afternoon

Linda McCormick
26 January 2015  |  11:01

Brilliant service ordered stamp Friday and it arrived this morning,thanks!! Can't wait for the magazine and all those ideas.

Margaret Iddon
26 January 2015  |  14:38

Just got my Year of Stamping stamps. All I can say is WOW, the big one is huge.

Brilliant stamps Glenda and Lesley., looking forward to the leaflet and FB page for inspiration , encouragement and information.

Looking forward to February's now!!!!

Georgina Rees-Boughton
02 February 2015  |  19:02

Thanks Glenda & Lesley. The January stamps have just arrived - they are gorgeous - as always. The big one is an amazing size and will make brilliant larger cards or it can be something really simple just stamped directly onto a 15cm blank. You've done it again Glenda!

Joan Carnell
04 February 2015  |  10:46

Am I too late to join? This looks just the thing to get my brain back into craft gear!

04 February 2015  |  17:08

No it's not too late Joan - the beauty of this club is there is no obligation and no subscription. You choose each month if you want to buy that month's stamp and when you do, you get the magazine.

Back issues are available so you can buy any of the previous months at any point during the year. The offers in each magazine are time limited though, and last through to the end of the following month.


19 February 2015  |  21:27

This is a fabulous idea!!
What a shame I only have a phone for all online documents. Looking through a magazine on small screen isn't the best. Perhaps once I find a printer compatible with phone, I will be able to join. It sounds like a way to get my crafty mojo & confidence back. Tfs

Susan Skipper
22 February 2015  |  20:26

Hello I don't Facebook so cannot upload my cards for this stamp. Here is my blog link. I am looking forward to the tulips, but I am waiting to see if you will do a bundle for Tim's Abandoned Coral like you did for the Cracked Pistachio.

01 April 2015  |  20:11

Lovely cards Susan. Yes we will be doing bundles on all the new Distress colours, just waiting for the next lot to be delivered.

Pam Inger
01 April 2015  |  19:00

when is April's out???? please!!

01 April 2015  |  20:10

The stamps and magazine are released mid month Pam. If you are on our mailing list you'll be the first to know.

02 May 2015  |  14:35

Love the stamps - but want to see the May one. isn't on yet?

Lesley Wharton
04 May 2015  |  10:20

Susanna the stamps are released in the middle of the month so May is due out about the 14th May.

Susanna Piszczynska
11 May 2015  |  19:08

Great - i want to buy some of your gorgeous stamps. Thank you for getting back to me!

Jenni Blackwood
26 December 2015  |  0:22

I live in Australia can I buy the stamps and join the club from here.

Lesley Wharton
08 January 2016  |  14:43

Hi Jenni I have sent you a private email answering your question

Tracey Bird
20 April 2016  |  2:13

I also live in Australia and was wondering if this is still available to join?

Lesley Wharton
22 April 2016  |  16:04

I have sent you sent you a separate email on this Tracey, but yes you can still join

Dawn Rollason
06 May 2016  |  15:05

I see that you have said people can still join, could I join please?

Thank you


Lesley Wharton
09 May 2016  |  16:38

Dawn yes you can still join in, I have sent you a private email all about it.

Mrs Chris Baker
20 November 2016  |  9:45

Hi Lesley
Just wondered if the year of stamping was still going for 2016/17 and is it a repeat of 2015 or are new stamps being introduced each year. Love watching you on the craft channel. So many great ideas and I'm finding it very inspiring. Kind regards Chris

Jan Parsons
18 January 2017  |  14:14

I have just found you. Will you be doing a new one for 2017.
Can I still get some of these too

Gill Allardice
09 March 2017  |  21:16

Hi - Can you let me have any information and cost re the monthly club please. Sounds fantastic. Can't wait to hear from you...
Best wishes
Gill x

Lesley Wharton
10 March 2017  |  11:10

Gill I have sent you a private email about this.

Lesley Wharton
25 April 2018  |  11:06

Could the lady called Kathleen Coburn please contact me on regarding her 1st and 2nd enquiry about the Year of Stamping, thank you