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Chocolate Baroque's second TV appearance

3 Comments8 October 2015  |  Lesley Wharton

Chocolate Baroque's next television show will be on The Craft Channel at 6.00pm on Thursday 8th October and then repeated at 1pm on Friday 9th October. This ia a new show with different stamps and new demos.

To find out how you can tune in please visit The Craft Channel web page by clicking here

There have been some scheduling changes so you if you can check out their Facebook page, The Craft Channel are trying to keep viewers up to date on there.

You can also watch the program live on your computer, again follow the link and then click on the 'Watch Live' button

08 October 2015  |  17:41

Really enjoyed yesterdays show and am now ready for your 6pm appearance.
Great demo's

Michele Woolley
11 October 2015  |  16:12

I just watched a repeat program and enjoyed it could you tell me if you will have the autumn edges stamp set for sale soon

15 October 2015  |  8:25

I would just like to say that you are the crafter i've been waiting for. Really enjoying your demo's on TV. We are recording them to ensure we miss nothing.