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Cling and Cut

1 October 2014  |  Admin

We offer two options with most Chocolate Baroque unmounted rubber stamps.

You will see two options just below the add to basket button. 

stamp options are located below the add to basket block

Please read the descriptions below so you know which option to choose.

Unmounted: Save Money

If you don't make any further selection you will receive your stamps as an uncut sheet which you will then need to cut out yourself in order to use the stamps. If you are in a hurry to get those stamps in your hands, then this is the quickest option. It's also the cheapest option - like flat pack furniture, you provide the labour yourself.

Cling mounted and Cut Out: Such a treat - it's all done for you

(Allow 2-3 extra days to prepare your order, longer if you are ordering lots of stamps)

Choose "Cling mounted and Cut out" to receive your stamps mounted onto Cling-a-ling with all individual stamps cut out. Your stamps will be stuck onto a polyester storage sheet ready to stick onto an acrylic block and use straight away.

We have a very experienced stamp cutter who will prepare your stamps for you, cutting each one out by hand, so it will take a little longer to process your order.

Wholesale Customers

Our Cling mounted and Cut out options are available to all our customers, you will see the options when you log into your wholesale account.

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